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  1. Lord, I pray for healing of my upper respiratory tract infection and sinus which is quite bad. Please remove any forms of infection and remove all virus which is making me feel quite ill. Please enhance and stengthen my immune system and clear my respiratory system from all phlegm and rhonchi and help me to breathe better. Please make me effective and more action oriented. I am in the dance group for the Christmas gathering. Please help me to lead the dancers with confidence and courage and to listen to the songs on when to make changes in my steps remember all the steps. That I will not panic. That all my non-christian friends will be touched and enjoy themselves.
    Lord, I surrender my husband’s house, that you will grant us the grace to buy the house at the price of RM550,000 which my husband has quoted and that his siblings will consent. Lord, please provide the finances to break down the house and rebuild the house according to the plan and the architecture that you think best, if we buy the house.
    Please help my husband to get a job that will pay him well to meet all the expenses for the month. He is going through anxiety as he has no proper job now.
    Lord, I also surrender the education business which my husband’s relative has started. Please help us to make the decision on whether to join her as partner and grant us the finances to pay for our share. I pray that it will prosper and it will generate finances when I retire from my present job.
    Please prepare us Lord, for year 2011 for what you have in store for us. Please let it be a year of healing, reconciliation and restoration and miracles. That we as a family will go for outreaches. That our church will be a praying community.
    Thank you Lord

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