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The Marian Movement of Priests is intimately connected with Fatima and its message. When Our Lady commissioned Fr Gobbi to start the Movement, Mary called for the MMP to rally around the Pope all the priests willing to accept Mary’s invitation, and form with them a powerful cohort endowed with the strength that springs from silence, from prayer, from suffering, and from constant fidelity to one’s duties.


Truly it can be said that today the MMP is the only international movement for Priests. The MMP is Mary’s gift to the Church in our times, to comfort her in her great distress and help her children live, in trust and with filial hope, the painful moments of the purification.

Having almost succeeded in building a purely human civiliation which lacks God, obstinately closed against any divine influence, mankind is rushing towards its own ruin, in danger of destroying itself with its own hands.

Hence, with motherly solcitude, Our Lady intervenes and offers her children the sure refuge of her Immaculate Heart, and calls upon all priests, her beloved sons, to rally around her for the defense of the Church and the salvation of mankind.

With those who answer “yes”, she forms a little cohort, the MMP, “for the great triumph of God and the conclusive defeat of Satan.” (6-7-75,#73h) “Soon victory will be resplendent everywhere. Through the triumph of my Immaculate Heart there will come upon you the glorious reign of Jesus who, in His Spirit of Love, will bring all of creation to the glorification of the Father, and at last the face of the earth will be renewed.” (6-29-83, #267t)

But I have need,” she says, “of humble and courageous priests: ready to let themselves be laughed at, ready to let themselves be trampled upon for me. It will be through these priests, humble laughed at and trampled on, that I will form the cohort that will make it possible to bring to Jesus an innumerable number of children, now purified by the great tribulation.” (8-1-73,#10 lm)

Note: all dates refer to: To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons (original title: Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests).

Our Lady is the great gift made by Christ very shortly before His death on the Cross, a gift destined through Saint John the Apostle to be for all of God’s people: “Behold your Mother” (John 19:22). Mary has been given as a true Mother for every soul created by God, for each one of us is a Brother or Sister to her Divine Son and a member of His Mystical Body. Her motherly love is for all her children, even though deeply ensnared in sin, and for these she has only compassion and the desire to restore them to the Grace of God. As in Fatima where she had promised that her Immaculate Heart is engaged for the care of her children, she is intervening to save them and protect them from the attacks of evil. She asks for us to have recourse to her, in the spirit of “the littleness of little children”, entrusting ourselves entirely to her guidance, formation and care which leads to Jesus. Her Immaculate Heart created by God totally free from all stain of sin is an impenetrable barrier against the attacks of the devil, and she offers it to us as a shield, just as she promised she would when speaking to Sister Lucia at Fatima: “My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge”.

The Marian Movement of Priests desires to answer this invitation of Our Lady, and does so with the Act of Consecration. The Movement is not a new Association or Institute within the Church, but rather, as Pope John Paul II put it, “a spirit”. In other words, in order to belong to it, it is not necessary to inscribe one’s name with an organisation, but to give oneself totally and interiorly to Our Lady. Like any mother Our Lady is concerned to teach her children so that they grow up in a way which enables them to live life along a sure path, and her messages reveal the spirit of her own Heart to us.

What Our Lady asks is this Act of Consecration or entrusting ourselves to her, in the spirit of very little children. It is an echo of Our Lord’s own words, “unless you change and become like little children, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven”, and an invitation to become little children just as He was throughout His life. Then she asks for profound unity and obedience towards the Holy Father and the Hierarchy united to him. Third, she asks that we bring others to a renewed devotion to her. All of this, of course, includes our promise to grow in a spirit of prayer and penance, as she has always asked, and especially in devotion to the Holy Rosary.

We welcome any links to our site; however, the information contained on those pages does not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or beliefs of the Marian Movement of Priests, especially as regards the discussion of alleged revelations, apparitions, prophecies or miracles. In these cases, as obedient Catholics, we submit ourselves to the ultimate official pronouncement of the Church on the matter.

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