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The book, TO THE PRIESTS, OUR LADY’S BELOVED SONS, is a most precious gift from the Mother of God. She chose it as a means to spread her work. It contains her messages which, since July 1973, she has been communicating to Fr. Stefano Gobbi through what, in theology, are called interior locutions. Hence in the opinion of Fr. Gobbi’s spiritual director, “they are neither the fruit of personal meditations, nor a questionable literary contrivance.”

This book is a motherly exhortation in simple language, not a theological treatise.

“It has been the instrument for carrying to the hearts and souls of so many beloved children the voice of the heavenly Mother, the manifestation of my maternal plan, my invitation to receive you all within the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.

How should this book be read? With the simplicity of a child who is listening to his mother…

What do I say in this book of mine? I trace out a simple and beautiful road, but a difficult one, oh how difficult! It is necessary to travel it, if you wish to live the consecration. I teach you how to live; I form you in a practical way to live with me…

…Then you hearts will be inflamed with love, your souls will be illumined by my light, and I will transform you interiorly to lead you to do each day what pleases the Heart of Jesus” (21-1-84, #282b-i)

“Read it, my beloved sons, meditate on it, live it!” (28-1-84, #284j)

In synthesis it contains the doctrine of St. Louis de Montfort, the path of Spiritual Childhood of St. Therese of Liseux, and the way to live the Message of Fatima.

Translated into more than twenty languages including Maltese, it has been printed in hundreds of thousands of copies.

COPIES OF THE BOOK may be obtained from the centres listed below (Voluntary contributions make possible its continued distribution)

Dun G. Mifsud Bonnici
c/o The Curia
Floriana VLT 06
Tel: (+356) 2590 6307

Tel: (+356) 21238012

Movimento Sacerdotale Mariano
Via Mercalli 23
20122 Milano

Centro di distribuzione del Libro
Potalivo P. Paolino
c/o Grafiche Ballerini
Via Nazionale Adriata Nord 444
65123 Pescara

Father Michael J. Gaughran
“Lyndhurst”, Park Road
Liverpool L22-3XE

Rev. Michael Maher, S.M.
Chanel College, Coolock
Dublin 5

Fr. Albert G. Roux
P.O. Box 1
St. David – Maine 04773

Rev. Laurence J. Faje, CSB
1515 Bathurst Street
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3H4

Rev. Eugene Szondi
P.O. Box 301
Huntsville NSW 2220 Australia

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