Prayer Requests

Awakening Prayer – Lectio Divina
Prayer To Our Lady of Good Health
Talba Lill-Madonna tas-Sokkors Perpetwu (prayer in Maltese to Our Lady)

You can write your prayer request below. Submitted prayer requests will
be displayed on this page after they are reviewed. Please pray for the
needs of the persons who have sent in their requests below. Requests will
be removed or moved to a new page after newer requests have been received.
You are encouraged to report any healings/graces you have received using the same form. Thank you.


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NB: This site is not connected with Marana Tha

Please pray for requests which were submitted as ‘private’. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer for their needs in Jesus’ name. God Bless you.


Thank you for your prayer request, it will appear after being approved

963 thoughts on “Prayer Requests”

  1. Please cure my mum from cancer and protect her from recurrence. We ask o give us strength and comfort on our path. Please guide us in making the best decisions for care. Assist in finding a speedy cure for pancreatic cancer and all cancers. In Jesus name we pray.

  2. Please pray that the relationship between Bella and Sebastian be healed by forgiveness, love and compassion.

  3. Dear Lord heal me from my surgery protect me from reinjuring and heal my anxieties and fears of reinjuring. Be with me during therapy to ease my pain

  4. Pray for good health of Annette, Gary,Ella. Ryan, Mary,Liz,Tom Scott.Pray for my marriage and family. pray for babysitting goes well. Pray for a special intention. Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Ella and Aiden. Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement and new home and van and girls.Pray for Ryan and Kylie prom and graduation.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home, cars,jobs. Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades, golf,finds good spouse and college.

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