Prayer to Our Lady of Good Health

(Feast: August 15)

If you are suffering from some type of illness, ask help from Our Lady of Good Health. This saint is
the protector of the sick. All over the world, millions of people obtain the help of Our Lady of Good Health
to ask Our Lord Jesus Christ for their prompt recuperation.

Most Pure virgin, you are the health of the sick, the refuge of sinners, teh consolation of the
afflicted and the dispenser of all graces. In my weakness and discouragement, I appeal today to the
treasures of your divine mercy and goodness, and I dare to call you by the sweet name of Mother.
Yes, O Mother, attend me in my infirmity, give me bodily health, so that I may do my duties with
vitality and joy, and with the same disposition may I serve your Son Jesus and give thanks to you,
health of the sick.

Our Lady of Good Health, pray for us.


O Mary, conceived without sin,
pray for us who come to you!

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