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Halloween and its Fake History

Sometime it is claimed that Halloween  “was originally a pagan feast and then the Christians baptised it. Depending on who you talk to, this proves that a) Christianity is really just warmed over Druidry (according to neo-pagans) or b) the Catholic Church is an evil pagan cult that drove Real Bible-believing Christians underground with their devil-worshiping ways (according to Protestant Fundamentalists). Thing is, none of that is real.“ Hallowe’en, as the eve of All Saints’ Day, originated entirely independently of Samhain. If anything we catholics…

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Night of Light

The 31st of October is celebrated all over the world as Halloween.. – the feast of darkness. As Halloween falls on October 31st, it is the eve of all saints day. The name ‘Halloween’ therefore originates from this. –’Hallow’ meaning ‘Holy’ and’ ‘Een’ being a shortened version of the word evening. In spite of this Halloween has traditionally been strongly associated with darkness rather than light, and the practices that have taken over halloween are as far removed form holiness they can possibly be. Christians…

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