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Saint Dun Gorg Preca: Who is this Maltese saint?

Who was the Servant of God, Saint Fr George Preca (in Maltese: San Dun Gorg Preca)? Gorg Preca was born in Valletta, Malta, on 12th February 1880. He studied at the Lyceum, the main secondary school on the island, and at the Major Seminary. While he was still a deacon he fell gravely ill and his doctor lost all hope in his recovery. However, God healed him miraculously through the intercession of St. Joseph. He was ordained on 22nd December 1906. Before he was ordained,…

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A fake bible quote has been posted on social media purporting to be 1 Kings 9:13. According to this quote, God says He sends epidemics like covid-19 and holds back the rain. This is fake. First of all, God does not send epidemics. Let us see step by step. The quote is wrong.  1 Kings 9:13 actually says: NET Bible Hiram asked, “Why did you give me these cities, my friend?” He called that area the region of Cabul, a name which it has retained to…

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Halloween and its Fake History

Sometime it is claimed that Halloween  “was originally a pagan feast and then the Christians baptised it. Depending on who you talk to, this proves that a) Christianity is really just warmed over Druidry (according to neo-pagans) or b) the Catholic Church is an evil pagan cult that drove Real Bible-believing Christians underground with their devil-worshiping ways (according to Protestant Fundamentalists). Thing is, none of that is real.“ Hallowe’en, as the eve of All Saints’ Day, originated entirely independently of Samhain. If anything we catholics…

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