Dr John’s Australia Visit 2008

Dr John Bonnici Mallia is currently in australia once more this year, and he will be giving talks at conferences and various other prayer groups / communities.

Here’s all the information I have at the moment. If you can add more, feel free to do so in the comments below. Also if you have photos please contact me so they can be added to the site.

Thank God for all He will be doing through John and Ian on this year’s visit to Australia.

Tuesday 30th September – Start of “Share the Holy Spirit” conference in Sydney.
Wednesday 1st to 2nd October – Ministry in “Share the Spirit” conference
Friday 3rd October – 11.45am Session and 6.55 session at the conference
Saturday 4th October – Workshops between 2.30pm – 4.00pm
Sunday 5th October – General Gathering at 10am and Conference closure

Thursday 9th October – Meeting with Prayer Community of Sydney
Saturday 11th October – Meeting with Catholic Charismatic Community of Melbourne
Sunday 12th October – Possibly a Healing Service in the afternoon in Melbourne

Tuesday 14th October – Ministry in North West Coast of Devonport
Wednesday 15th October – Evening Ministry at Hobart
Friday 17th October – Evening Ministry at Canberra

Some more about the conference:
Share The Holy Spirit Conference

The Power of God

Tues 30th September

Sun 5th Oct

St Gregory’s College

Badgally Rd – Cambeltown


KC Emmanuel, born and raised in the nation of Nigeria, has planted and pastored churches in the much publicized extremist Kano in North Nigeria where there is much persecution against the church. He visited and preached to the ‘House Churches’ in Communist China with great impact.

Pastor Clark Taylor founded the Christian Outreach Centre’s in Australia. He reflects Jesus in his preaching and moves powerfully in healing and words of knowledge. He is currently senior pastor and founder of the Worship Centre with his wife Anne. Clark and Anne have three main purposes: to see people saved, healed and walking intimately with God.

Pastor John Torrens serves as Pastor at the internationally known Durban Christian Centre in Durban, South Africa. An anointed and vibrant preacher and teacher, he travels world-wide sharing the great news of Jesus with a unique insight into God’s Word and a practicality that challenges people as they receive the miraculous life-changing intervention of God into their lives.

Dr John Bonnici-Mallia (MD) has been gifted with a deep ministry in the areas of spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological healings. His monthly healing services in Malta attract over 2000 people and many lives have been changed and relationships restored.

Joseph Chircop is the co-founder of the Servants of Jesus Community and also the Bread of Life Catholic Fellowship. Joseph is also the Director of the registered charity, Community Care. He has taught and preached in various parts of Australia, Africa, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to name a few. Joe has a Bachelor of Theology and has been active in the Charismatic Renewal for over 30 years.

Julie Chircop is a worship leader in the Servants of Jesus Community. Julie is well recognised as an anointed preacher and teacher of the Word of God. She speaks wisdom and healing into people’s lives. Along with her husband, Joseph, she has spoken at many centres around Australia, overseas and at the ’Share the Holy Spirit’ Conferences. Julie and Joseph have three adult children.

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  1. we, from the catholic charismatic service of diocese of bandung, indonesia, are arranging a healing prayer service in next november.
    would like to invite pastor Clark Taylor and Dr. John’s team to serve the healing rally in our city.
    we would like to send letter or email, but do not know the address of their office yet.
    who could help us?

    thank you, God bless you.

    vincentius aris
    chairman of the rally committee
    [email protected]

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