Pranic Healing, safe, dangerous or what?

Lately there has been mention of a so called New Age Guru Grand Master (not of the Knights of Malta!) coming to Malta to “bring” “Pranic Healing” to Malta, in a church at Paceville (what place does this have in a church I do not know).

His website claims that “Pranic Healing is a highly developed and tested system of energy energy medicine that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means life-force. This invisible bio-energy or vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. In acupuncture, the Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi. It is also called Ruah or the Breath of Life in the Old Testament.”

This claim is incorrect. First of all this claims that the Holy Spirit (Ruach Qodesh in hebrew) is just an impersonal “life-force” or cosmic energy.
As Christians we know the Holy Spirit is a PERSON, not an “IT”, the third person of the Holy Trinity. We have just celebrated the feast of Pentecost today. Let us get to know the Holy Spirit in our life, Christ can heal everything wrong in us, rather than meddle with dangerous energies which can imbalance our life and have dangerous side-effects. Some people are attracted to healing like pranic because they feel a revulsion from religion and sometimes those of us in the church fail to help them or show them real love. I am not saying that these persons are bad persons or anything of the sort.

In his book “Praying for Healing”, Fr Benedict Heron writes that many Christians go to spiritual healing (like pranic healing) in the New Age Movement, and this frequently leads “to disasters and the loss of their Christian faith”. Some people go there as there is no serious Christian healing ministry in their parish. People need to be told that Jesus still heals today, in answer to prayer. The Church does not simply regard non-Christian religions and things linked with them as being demonic or wrong, but points out the various real dangers which may be involved when one is not centred on Christ. Fr Heron writes about a Catholic man who went to an Eastern Guru in London for healing. After paying him a large sum of money for some object of Eastern piety, which was supposed to help him heal (according to the so-called Guru), this person ended up caught up in some spiritual bondage. Another woman, a Catholic, went to spiritualists to get her back healed and ended up, ten years later (ten years of visits to spiritualists), with mental instability problems (and her back was still bad) and suicidal tendencies.

As Fr Heron says, we really need to renew the healing ministry of prayer in the Catholic Church, in fidelity to the New Testament and the Catholic Church’s tradition, so more Catholics will seek healing in His Church rather than elsewhere.

On Saturday 29th May 2010 I invite you to attend the Healing Service which will be held at Attard…

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  1. Pranic healing is no talent.. it’s unscientific and just playing with the occult.

    noble anto, read this

    “Reiki, an alternative Japanese therapy with a growing band of followers in the west, is “unscientific” and “inappropriate” for use in Catholic institutions, according to America’s bishops.

    Guidelines issued by the committee on doctrine at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops warn healthcare workers and chaplains that the therapy “lacks scientific credibility” and could expose people to “malevolent forces”.

    The document also claims that for a Catholic to believe in reiki presents “insurmountable problems”.”

  2. I am not Christian, Catholic or from Malta. I am from Australia. I agree that paying these large sums of money does trap someone into spiritual bondage. There is scientific proof in Pranic healhing in the Ancient Hindu vedas. However, they were ancient scriptures. They are not applicable to society as it is today. Mysticism has no place in society today.
    It is almost impossible to not be misleading, deceptive or arrogant when you are advanced in the occult sciences. A friend of mine was told by a healer that their parent is at a low level of spiritual development. Isn’t that a misleading and arrogant statement. Who is the judge of that? It is an insult. Insulting someone’s parent, is a way of putting the child down. How is that an ethical statement? This psychologically affected my friend and my friend was unable to walk away from the master.
    My friend initially felt brainwashed into learning three of the pranic courses and was a student with not much money at the time. How is it legal to brainwash another? How is it legal to put another’s parent down? This is unacceptable behaviour in this society.
    Next, it is clearly stated that the pranic healing practitioner’s energy will get depleted over time. So, why would anyone willingly engage in these activities?
    I believe prayer is the best medicine and any form of magic is dangerous. In this day and age, there are wars taking place everywhere. Several people are dying. Fornication, sexual assault, rape and alcohol abuse is common place. Our minds are diseased. Are we capable of handling magic? We are not pure enough and purity begins with good deeds. We must do the right thing physically before we try to do anything spiritually. Every day we have something to repent for.
    I hope there are more sites on the internet that deal with the evils of pranic healing. I was searching the internet to find something negative about pranic healing and it’s very difficult to find. The organisation must have a deal with Google to promote their site at the top of the search results. Well surely they would be able to afford such arrangements since they are a money and life sucking organisation. Everyone that reads this post, if you disagree with Pranic Healing and its way, please don’t be a bystander and let these culprits get away. Get the word out.
    Peace be with you all.

      1. there’s no judgement here. Let’s take reiki again. Even the claimed history is fake.
        Usui sensei was not a Christian and the true original 20th century reiki was very much different from what people are practising worldwide.

        The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has objected to reiki claims at least three times:

        In 2001, the ASA concluded that the International Reiki and Healing Centre had made unsubstantiated claims about “healing” serious diseases and that a “Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine” certificate from an Indian school did not entitle the proprietor (Allan Sweeney) to refer to himself as “Dr. Sweeney.”
        In 2011, the ASA objected to unsubstantiated claims on Sweeney’s Web site that reiki was an effective therapy for cancer, ADHD, back pain, migraine, depression, anger, low energy, sleeplessness, ADD, sadness, bereavement, tinnitus and sciatica .
        In 2011, the ASA objected to unsubstantiated claims by “reiki master” Christina Moore of East Sussex, England, that reiki could treat grief, insomnia, tinnitus, lack of confidence, back pain, constipation, Candida, skin disorders, anxiety, stress, tension, worry and phobias .

        Not only this, but the Tibetans never performed reiki. It has since emerged that Blackwell based his whole premise for the Tibetan origins of Reiki almost entirely on so-called ‘channeled’ information from evil spirits…

  3. I was into pranic healing because I thought I was serving God about 2 weeks ago the pranic healing group asked me to work for them FULL TIME and wanted a decision in 2 weeks.
    They said you must listen to your “Guide”
    I ask them is Jesus your Guide they said no it is ” like an angel”

    So I study the bible all day I was not sure if Pranic healing was Christ center. After all Jesus said Satan can not cast out Satan. 2 Corinthians 11:14

    But Pranic Healing has some rules to follow.

    1) Use my vision to heal people..

    2)No eat pork,
    3)Pray everyday and get together every new moon and
    4) talk to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui who is an “angel”
    ….Sound great until I found this verse…

    Colossians 2
    16 So don’t let anyone judge you about eating or drinking or about a festival, a new moon observance, or sabbaths. 17 These religious practices are only a shadow of what was coming—the body that cast the shadow is Christ. 18 Don’t let anyone who wants to practice harsh self-denial and worship angels rob you of the prize. They go into detail about what they have seen in visions and have become unjustifiably arrogant by their selfish way of thinking.

    This verse hit me
    1) Use my vision to heal people..
    2)No eat pork, (practice harsh self-denial )
    3)Pray everyday and get together every new moon and
    4) talk to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui who is an “angel”
    Pranic Healing is doing exactly what Paul is talking about..

    There were other things that I can not put down here that convicted me that Pranic healing is not the path to Christ.

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