Messages from Jesus to All

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7th June 1999
15th March 2001
22nd March 2001
22nd April 2001
26th May 2001
28th November 2001
8th October 2003
20th July 2004
3rd April 2005
4th April 2005
2nd September 2006

One thought on “Messages from Jesus to All”

  1. hi jiena maria jiena nixtiqkom titolbu ftit at tifla tijajn donah ili ijla tihu pirmli u ingakxins biex il bambin jibatila tarbija al dawn lahar sentejn nixtiqkom titolbu ftit alija bix forsi matafx kif il bambin jisma talbkom grazzi hana il mob btwgrazzi bil qudima

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