Important Email from Divine Mercy Nuns: Misuse of Divine Mercy Name by “Maria Divine Mercy” / “Jesus to Mankind”

Received an IMPORTANT EMAIL from the Nuns of the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Krakow, Poland regarding the FALSE SEER MARIA DIVINE MERCY who is MISUSING the name of DIVINE MERCY and blasphemes against the Holy Father Pope Francis.. the name of Jesus to Mankind is used by these people too.

KRAKOW SANCTUARY – Praise be to Jesus Christ always. We try to correct all the mistakes committed against the Divine Mercy Devotion.
Satan always puts his own … to divide, to sow evil. etc..
They took the name Maria to blaspheme against the Holy Father and all holiness.
We will do everything to avoid these false groups. You can also react and write to them! Thank you.
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy, Poland

Great thanks to the Sisters for sending us this message.

Following this, the identify of this anonymous seer has been revealed as being Maria Carberry from Ireland on Ron Conte’s Website:
These people are trying to pass as the real divine mercy apostolate, which is a shame. To make it worse they are claiming that Pope Francis is the False Prophet of Revelation.

The Bishop of Ireland should now take action and declare her heretical too as other Bishops have done.

Image source: Maria Divine Mercy True or False Facebook page

UPDATE: The Bishop of Ireland has released a condemnation of the heretical “Maria Divine Mercy”. You can read that here.

For more details see this site:
Maria Divine Mercy: True or False?