Italian Exorcist Padre Emanuele Zippo INCORRECTLY Claims Our Lady Medjugorje Says Communion on the tongue and knees ONLY Permissible

I have just been reading an excellent posting about the Church Belligerent, and came across an actual instance of it on Facebook.

Italian Exorcist Fr Zippo posted this on his personal profile.


His post begins “To all devotees of Medjugorje, Our Lady asks us to receive the Eucharist on our knees and tongues ONLY, directly from the hands of a Priest” (so no Extraordinary minister!). He quotes a book by Padre Pellegrino Ernetti as the reason why this is so according to him. Now Padre Ernetti was known as an eccentric priest who claimed to have invented a time machine or viewer and wrote this book “The Likes and Dislikes of the Devil”.

But this claim turns out to be manifestly false, no true apparition of Our Lady or Jesus would go against the Catholic Church.

Let’s see what he wrote in the post.



So he claims that those who introduced Communion in the hand didn’t believe in transubstantiation  and the “bread” was just “bread”. But this is not correct, the Church insists about transubstantiation meaning that the Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Christ during the Mass. And he goes on to call Vatican Council II as having erroneous interpretations (Interpretazioni erronee del Concilio Vaticano II), giving the idea that he is a radical Traditionalist who doesn’t believe in the Popes from Vatican Council II onwards.


BUT Vatican Council II did NOT introduce communion in the hand! Maria Divine Mercy similarly claims that Vat II did this, when it is NOT true!  Paul VI in his document “Memoriale Domini” first allowed for the possibility of distributing Communion in the hand in 1974 though he clearly did not like the idea.  Let’s keep reading:



And further parts are claimed to be by a Don Marcello Stanzione the president of a Milizia association, who had risked excommunication by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) according to Salerno Today.

Let’s see Fr Zippo’s reactions after I commented about what the Church teaches :







and after he keeps insulting me, mocking me, because my argument is correct – the Church teaches correctly that we can receive the Eucharist on our hands or tongue.

Finally this priest removes me as a friend and decides to call me “Satan” on his wall, plus sent me some nasty messages too which I won’t publish.


When an apparition claims to override the decisions of the Magisterium that proves the private revelation is FALSE! The Devil is in the Disobedience! Though in this case, the purported claim about Medjugorje is false as there is NO actual information which I could find where Our Lady actually said that (about communion in the hand).

It is okay to receive in the hand because the bishops have spoken for the Church but that doesn’t mean that we should not be allowed to receive on the tongue if that is our choice. I think Reverence for Jesus is a personal matter. As long as you are using an allowed method of reception you should be able to receive Jesus however you choose. 

A priest pointed out to me that Deacons have always administered the Eucharist – they are NOT priests – their hands are NOT anointed. A Priest’s hands are anointed to offer sacrifice, NOT to touch the Host!

Where you see disobedience to church authority as in the case of Padre Emanuele Zippo, there the devil appears to be present! This is similar disobedience to that of Fr Gruner who goes against the Vatican.

Truth is, many exorcists end up falling victim to the devil themselves! It happened to Fr. Euteneaur (HLI) and others… so please pray for Padre Zippo that his eyes may be opened to the Truth of the Catholic Church.