Heretical Resurrection Revolution

RESURRECTION REVOLUTION is a heretical page on Facebook and website. . RESURRECTION REVOLUTION believes we are sons of the devils,angels and rulers (elohim) and that the christian is a supernatural being like an angel. We are not angels.
They write, on their Facebook page,

“Week 66 Day 1 Yet to all who believed him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God – John 1:12-13.

A Christian is a supernatural being. We are the very Offspring of YHWH Elohim. We are not descended from any human lineage. Our birth was not engineered through a family planning clinic. There’s no human seed responsible for our reproduction. “

Totally heretical and crazy!

We are NOT offspring of Elohim (devils, etc) ! We are natural beings not supernatural entities !

They don’t seem to understand what supernatural means.  I CAN ! Supernatural means being more than natural. WHAT superpowers over the normal human resource do YOU possess ? I have none, I admit, but I am just a normal Catholic human being. The only time I change for the better is when I receive Holy Communion and I have Jesus Body, Blood Soul and Divinity within me. He remains with me in Grace but I still remain a normal, natural non-superpowered human being. If the people at Revolution Resurrection have superpowers could they please tell us how they got them and which ones they have? I am interested in getting the X-Men’s powers if possible. I’d like to fly like Angel and to have Wolverine’s healing abilities too.  Can Revolution Resurrection supply them for me please? NO ??? They CANNOT??? oh… what a disappointment !!

Here we are Catholics who believe in the TRINITY and we go by what the Gospels and Bible tell us….. nothing else.

The sect Resurrection Revolution revolves, I mean, is run by “Pastor”  TL Immanuel founders of InChrist Ministries.  He is most likely a scammer who is running this sect.


revolutionresurrectionscammerThis InChrist Ministries is also mentioned in this newspaper article about a financial scam  !Thus beware of this Revolution Resurrection which is most likely a BIG SCAM – even a financial one!