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Awakening Prayer – Lectio Divina
Prayer To Our Lady of Good Health
Talba Lill-Madonna tas-Sokkors Perpetwu (prayer in Maltese to Our Lady)

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  1. Prayer Request: I kindly request your prayers for my sister Kiran who is hospitalized since 35 days. She has lost her strength from the waist. Right leg she could move a little but the left leg has no blood circulation neither she could move. Please pray for her recovery.

  2. Pls pray for me. I am severely being scrutinised at work. My jobs and licence to work is threathened. Save me Lord. Vindicate me. Protect my vocation. Have mercy on me. Precious blood of Christ, protect me

  3. Hi there! I am very sick. I was diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity and probably mast cell activation syndrome. Its a disease that isolates human beings. I am homebound. I lost everything job, school a lot money. I cant do anything. I feel such a burden and without hope. I know that for God is everything possible. If He wants, He can heal me. Thank you!

  4. Dear brothers and sisters,
    please pray for the health of catholic-charismatic sister Alexandra, for sister Michaela, for brother Markus, for sister Petra.
    God bless you

  5. Mama Mary, I humbly ask for your intercession so my prayers would reach the altars of the most high. My friend let me watch the Obey the Walrus video and though I have my deepest faith in the Almighty God and Jesus Christ and Mama Mary as well as all the saints and angels and archangels, I pity myself for believing and fearing my life since I am also a person with disability. I am suffering from bipolar disorder, diabetes, and PCOS. I humbly ask that you help me with my disbelief or unbelief and fear. May the Lord Jesus Christ intercede as well. May He help all the creatures in the planet, especially the animals, plants, trees, mountains, rivers, seas, oceans, etc. Also, may Mama Mary help all the marginalized sectors of society, especially women, children, and youth. Moreover, I’m extremely grateful for all the love, care, support, trust, understanding of God and all His angels to me and my family. I humbly ask Jesus to help me in my unbelief. Strengthen my faith, O Mama Mary and Jesus Christ. I need You in my life. I know I made lots of mistakes in the past but I want to be renewed. I humbly ask for God’s forgiveness. Also, kindly help many fellow citizens to finish their studies as well as find job opportunities with decent pay. Kindly help many Filipinos with their daily living. I also pray for the souls of the departed, especially my Uncle Jojo, Tita Divine, Mommy Leng, Tito Vic, Daddy Cesar, etc. Please tell my Daddy Cesar I love him so much with all my heart and soul. I miss them all, especially my Daddy Cesar. How I wish I could embrace him even for just a moment, how I wish I can see him happy and smiling just like the good old days. Miss na miss ko na po ang Daddy Cesar ko. Sana maiparating ng simpleng dasal na ito na mahal na mahal ko si Daddy tsaka sana maging okay na si Uncle Jojo sa kabilang-buhay dahil hinding hindi ko naman pababayaan ang Mama at Papa ko tulad ng sinabi ko sa kanya dati. In Jesus’ humble name. Amen.

  6. Please pray Bruce gets the help that he needs for the safety of his family. Pray for God’s protection be upon all.

    Pray Brian’s surgery is a success and he has a good recovery. Pray for all who will be caring for him.

    Repose of the soul of Sister Dee Dee.

    Pray for Richard, Kathryn and Patrick as they mourn the loss of their sister, Dee Dee.

    Pray Kathryn’s dog’s behavior gets better around people.

    Pray for Terry’s help and that the Holy Spirit will guide him.

    Pray for the repose of the soul of Sherry and for her family.

    Pray God to cover Marcia and her family with His protection, wisdom, and love and mercy.

    Pray for extra wisdom for Marcia.

    Pray for the needs and intentions of the Walters family, Baty Family, Smothers Family, Macken Family, Miller Family, Chambers Family, Weinmann Family, Koile Family, and Nelson Family.

    Pray our home’s issue with mold will be taken care of and we can still live in our home during remediation.

    Pray for our election.


    God Bless,


  7. Please cure my mum from cancer and protect her from recurrence. We ask o give us strength and comfort on our path. Please guide us in making the best decisions for care. Assist in finding a speedy cure for pancreatic cancer and all cancers. In Jesus name we pray.

  8. Please pray that the relationship between Bella and Sebastian be healed by forgiveness, love and compassion.

  9. Dear Lord heal me from my surgery protect me from reinjuring and heal my anxieties and fears of reinjuring. Be with me during therapy to ease my pain

  10. Pray for good health of Annette, Gary,Ella. Ryan, Mary,Liz,Tom Scott.Pray for my marriage and family. pray for babysitting goes well. Pray for a special intention. Pray for Liz and Scott marriage and Ella and Aiden. Pray for Tom and Alysha engagement and new home and van and girls.Pray for Ryan and Kylie prom and graduation.Pray for Mary and Nate marriage and new home, cars,jobs. Pray for Ryan conversion,health,grades, golf,finds good spouse and college.

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