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Awakening Prayer – Lectio Divina
Prayer To Our Lady of Good Health
Talba Lill-Madonna tas-Sokkors Perpetwu (prayer in Maltese to Our Lady)

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  1. Hello, I’m Chameli from Sri Lanka. I’m a girl and 23 years old. I’m broken hearted because of a boy at the church I’m attending. Now, I don’t go to the church for Sunday Mass and I couldn’t get communion properly. I’m far from God now. It’s so painful. Please pray for me to heal my heart and go to the church like before, to join again to the choir, to get readings again and to get closer to Jesus. Please pray for me to get hunger to read the bible and pray daily. I can’t pray because of my mental illness. And please pray for me to meet the right person who loves me, understands me and helps me to get better. I’m severely lonely and I need someone as God’s will, that keeps me happy. My full name is Shashini Chameli Kumari Dehideniya. Thank you and God bless you!

  2. Prayer for young Joel to be be saved and assured of his salvation, for him to be set free from overwhelming fears and very hungry for God’s word and for prayer. For him to know, deep deep in his heart that he is LOVED and for him to love himself. For a job that is the perfect fit for him, that he will enjoy without anxiety, because he wants to help his Mom. That he would be enveloped in the love of Jesus and set free, he is such a sweet little guy!

  3. Pray for guidance and healing. Help me find a job so I can pay all my bills. Pray my case be settled out of court and in my favor. Do not let me become homeless or lose my car. Pray for sick family and friends. Thank you. Amen

  4. Healing prayer please for a number of dental issues that have come all at once. Antibiotics and extractions have not helped and the infection is spreading to the jaw, cheek and ear. Very worried about it also spreading to the brain. Another tooth sheared in half while biting on an apricot pit fragment in cereal. Also extremely painful. Thank you. Very much need relief.

  5. Please pray for Leo who is lusting after other women, addicted to porn and for our marriage. Thank you I appreciate it!

  6. I ask for prayers for my marriage. That
    let us always fight with Christ and never be separated. Because of this marital crisis. That all the decisions that we make are to strengthen the union, the marriage. For my inner healing. For my concern. For my emotional injuries. Thank you very much for your prayers.

  7. Our blessed Mother of good health keep our family at peace,health & prosperity .Help my children & grand children in obtaining their Visa,jobs in U.K’/New Zealand etc: &:for the better glory of God .Amen.

  8. Please pray for Annette. She is 81 with lots of medical issues. She currently has a serious case of Covid. Thank you and God bless!

  9. Dear Jesus, I request for an urgent miraculous recovery and healing for my child from scoliosis. Please put everything back in place in her body like it should be. You gave me this precious child when I had lost all hope of being a mother and this baby opened my womb. I thank you Jesus. Today I come before you again to pray for her. Make her new. Give her all the healing that she needs. Just look at her Lord and she will be healed. Jesus, I trust in you. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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