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Awakening Prayer – Lectio Divina
Prayer To Our Lady of Good Health
Talba Lill-Madonna tas-Sokkors Perpetwu (prayer in Maltese to Our Lady)

You can write your prayer request below. Submitted prayer requests will
be displayed on this page after they are reviewed. Please pray for the
needs of the persons who have sent in their requests below. Requests will
be removed or moved to a new page after newer requests have been received.
You are encouraged to report any healings/graces you have received using the same form. Thank you.


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Please pray for requests which were submitted as ‘private’. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer for their needs in Jesus’ name. God Bless you.


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998 thoughts on “Prayer Requests”

  1. Please pray for my Aunt Susan Smith to have a good outcome for her biopsy. If it is malignant, please pray that she can be healed. Thank you and God bless!

  2. Dear St Anthony I beg you to pray for my financial healing urgently,pray for me to get my job back in Israel and money of my demise parents, documents to get from my uncle Dilip Singh,Our Hatigarh estate property to be materialized soon,my maternal uncle is delaying to give us, please pray for to get,Pray for Anil brother to get a better job soon according to his qualification and to settle in USA, Rebecca to get her in defence,Chris career be blessed,pray for my protection and my family,deliverence from every evil and evil neighbours sunaina devi family and Arti family who did black magic against us,crush serpent s head in Jesus name Amen pray for me to get married,bless me to get my DNA done for Israel soon.pray for my entire family be blessed in every thing present sorrow be diminished in Jesus name Amen
    Thank you payal

  3. I want my girlfriend Kimberly cured of her very terrible illness she had it for a long time she’s in a lot of pain in the hospital. And to respond to my Hotmail and Gmail messages and to come on Hangouts chat and messages.

  4. pls pray for my 16 years of marriage with Ben, he has mentally separated from me. He says i have controlled him for all these years. He is angry, hates me & says he has no feelings or love for me and hates my family . he has asked for divorce papers now. he doesn’t communicate with me & this has also effected our teenager kid. he has started talking with a girl Sara. its like someone is influencing him to be different, which is totally out of his character. pls pray for my marriage restoration & reconciliation with the help of the holy spirit. Ben & Mel. thank u for praying

  5. Dear brothers and sisters,

    please pray for our catholic charismatic sister Alexandra for healing.

    Thank you,
    God bless you,
    sister Petra

  6. Please pray for Fr. Ed’s healing, his medical team and for a good recovery.

    Pray for all the Wills family and all their needs. Pray especially conversions home to the Catholic church.


    God Bless,

  7. For all students:
    John,Maria, Alex, Moses, Ioujian, Asenov
    Many blessings for their educational achievements and career path.

  8. Please pray for me doctors have discovered a mass on my right kidney I am red flagged for ct scan within two weeks please pray I get good news as I am in pain thank you godbless

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